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Life’s transitions may cause depression, anxiety, stress, conflicts with loved ones or colleagues, and/or anger. To find

relief, people may turn to repetitive routines, unproductive coping strategies, limited belief systems,  preoccupations,

or addictions.


My therapy style, although eclectic, focuses on Mindfulness and Cognitive/Behavior Therapy (CBT) approaches.

CBT is a form of therapy that involves a range of techniques aimed at altering patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and

in turn, emotions. It is a collaborative approach between the client and therapist that utilizes evidence based techniques

that can be successfully applied to a wide range of psychological problems from anxiety disorders, depression, through

to eating disorders and substance abuse/dependence.

Ideally, the therapist and client operate as a team in tackling the client's problems utilizing practical techniques that

empower clients with strong powerful tools and concrete ways to heal.


I believe counseling is a product of good therapeutic connection along with practical, measurable evidence based

tools that offer concrete ways to not only provide relief and heal but to build new possibilities.

Practical techniques
Empowering tools



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