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Why Teletherapy?

Maintaining a relationship with a therapist you trust can be difficult especially if you travel, graduate, move, live abroad, have difficulty leaving home or you are too busy juggling work and family.  Basically…real life can interfere with therapy and teletherapy is a convenient way to get connected.


My practice is solely telehealth service . I deliver face-to-face video therapy to you in the comfort of your own home in the the states of California LCSW25913, Florida SW17169 and Massachusetts LICSW 111110. These therapy sessions are similar to traditional in-office therapy, except you skip the commute and make your laptop or smart device into your destination for therapy, meeting face-to-face on video. In addition, saving commute time, you won't have deal with tolls or parking fees and you won't have to worry about seeing someone you know in the waiting room.

Contact me to set up a free 15- minute video consultation

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